I have always been a Call of Duty fan, but lately I was somewhat disappointed by Activision’s Modern Warfare series and the Black Ops edition. Not that they aren’t great games – I understand what most folks like it. But you haven’t really seen a great shooter in action until you have played Battlefield.

As we prepare for a Battlefield 3 release in just ten more days, I figured this is the best time to check out the last edition of Battlefield 2: Bad Company. I won’t be reviewing its multiplayer capabilities today and will focus on its extensive campaign. Besides, if you would like a technical review, you can always go to

Exotic locales and attention to detail encourage you to lighten up and enjoy the sights

Exotic Locales that Make You Want to Go Slow

The campaign takes you from one location to another (I was too busy blowing up stuff to really pay attention where I was going), and at times the immaculate graphics make you want to stand and stare for a bit before you go back to blowing stuff up. Icing on the cake is that everything is explosion-friendly: you can blow up everything from cars, armored vehicles, and building as long as you have the necessary firepower.

Squadmates that Go Beyond Traditional AI

One key irritant in the Call of Duty series is how inept your squadmates are. More often that not, you will find them shooting at walls or walking on air. Not so in Battlefield 2, each of your squadmates: Sarge, Marlowe, Sweetwater, and Haggard, has a unique personality and the story is built around them closely — not as dummies to shoot at enemies you can’t always reach. The is subtle humor in the friendly banter between them as well, but sometimes it tends to get lost with all the action around you.

Ride your quad bike on icy terrain chasing enemies down the treacherous slopes

Diverse Gameplay

While the Call of Duty series also provides you with a bit more to do that point and shoot, I found the experience in Battlefield 2 much more engaging. The realistic gameplay and accurate use of controller vibrations almost makes you feel like a part of the action, something I never quite got from Black Ops. You get to shoot at enemy soldiers off your helicopter, ride your dune buggy into enemy territory, and blow up a wall to make way for your team.

Overall, it was about 10 hours of extreme fun. If anything, this has peaked my interest in Battlefield 3. If you haven’t played Battlefield 2 yet, then now is the right time — grab it (at a huge discount) before Battlefield 3 releases this month!

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