We have received a few e-mails and Facebook posts asking us about how far we are from launching and figured that this is the right time to post an update on where we stand right now.  Like any e-commerce site, ours needs a considerable back-end infrastructure to ensure that gamers are able to communicate with us, and order and receive shipments without delay and hassles.  As we started working with vendors and testing our back-end processes and infrastructure, we realized that our initial assumptions of timing — where we hoped to launch by the end of January — were a bit optimistic.  At the same time, we felt that if we just had to push launch back, then we should aim to provide a more streamlined experience to Indian gamers.  With that in mind, we are building a more streamlined Web interface, entering into agreements with more established distributors, and tying up with e-commerce specialist delivery channels — all with the intention of making your experience with us more enjoyable.

The flipside to this is that we will launch the beta probably only by March.  But in the meantime, we would very much like you to:

~ Send us ideas on what new products and services you would like us to consider

~ Let us know if you would like to get involved in any way (we are always looking for guest writers for our blog, people who know people who can help connect us to people who can help us launch)

~ Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for constant updates

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