GamesINC is a start-up aiming to change the gaming market in India!  We bring the buy > trade> buy model to India in order to provide gamers with an easy and efficient way to trade their games (check out our How it Works or our Now Accepting page if you’re bored already and just want to trade your game).  And in exchange, we also provide pre-owned games at some of the lowest prices anywhere in the country.  You can also buy the latest and greatest new products, or check out our expanding back catalogue if you’re looking for golden oldies. To check out our Web site and our products, head over to www.gamesinc.in.

But GamesINC is not your traditional e-commerce store (after all, there are thousands of those around).  We are fanatic gamers who want to help expand the gaming market in India, and establish it more prominently on the global map.  This blog is not just a marketing gimmick – this is the forum for us to write about subjects we care passionately about.  We also want to bring more products to the market – so watch out for new exclusives arriving to our Web site!

GamesINC is looking to build a community of gamers – and if you want to help, we’re always open to it. If you would like to partner with us in design, marketing (e.g. writing blogs or spreading the good word), distribution, or would just like to share your expertise of/feedback on the gaming market, please reach out to us through Facebook and Twitter or email us at help@gamesinc.in.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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