I will start this review with a disclaimer.  I have only played Crysis 2 on XBOX and I have never played Crysis on PC.  Having got that out of the way for Crytek fanboys, I am ready to share my views on the game.

The first thing that strikes you about this game is the graphics.  The moment I slipped the DVD into my console, I was hooked on to how

Breathtaking visuals and larger-than-life destruction add to Crysis 2's gameplay

real everything appeared.  The entire game is in first person.  Throughout the game, you are provided with snippets into the life of Alcatraz — the (new) recipient of the nanosuit, a powerful armor that provides you with exceptional strength, resilience, and stealth.  You move through the story maneuvering the abilities of the nanosuit.  You start off by barely making it out of a submarine into chaos at New York (how a submarine gets into NY is anybody’s guess).

The usual issue with first person shooters is that you often head down paths that lead to nowhere or, in the case of more dumbed-down shoot-em-alls, an arrow always points you in the right direction.  Crysis 2 also provides you indications on where to go, but does it in style with its tactical options that allow you to survey the area and mark points of interest.

The AI in the game is pretty intelligent: most enemies do not follow the same route every time you load from a checkpoint. If you use your stealth mode to walk past enemy soldiers or aliens, you will see that slight suspicion in their movements as they sense you near them.  You may not face too many opponents on the way but if you foolishly initiate a shoot-em-up, enemies will converge on you in a more coordinated manner.

Realistic surrounding and great 5.1 recording keep you hooked on to every split second.

Unlike most first person shooters, Crysis 2 tries to keep your attention on the story (written by science fiction writer Richard K. Morgan).  There are moments of relief between action, where you are provided with a strong storyline that explains why you are doing what you are doing.  There are twists in the story as well – so make sure you are listening.

I have not played Crysis 2 multiplayer online on XBOX Live too much – but from what I have played, it is extremely difficult to make it alive beyond 30 seconds.  I don’t suck too bad at first person shooters, but maybe I am just not doing something right!

Overall, I rate it a 9/10 on my book.  If you have not had a chance to play it yet, go ahead and get yourself a copy today.  If you have a chance to play it on PC and on console, let us know which version you like best and why!