We have received a few e-mails and Facebook posts asking us about how far we are from launching and figured that this is the right time to post an update on where we stand right now.  Like any e-commerce site, ours needs a considerable back-end infrastructure to ensure that gamers are able to communicate with us, and order and receive shipments without delay and hassles.  As we started working with vendors and testing our back-end processes and infrastructure, we realized that our initial assumptions of timing — where we hoped to launch by the end of January — were a bit optimistic.  At the same time, we felt that if we just had to push launch back, then we should aim to provide a more streamlined experience to Indian gamers.  With that in mind, we are building a more streamlined Web interface, entering into agreements with more established distributors, and tying up with e-commerce specialist delivery channels — all with the intention of making your experience with us more enjoyable.

The flipside to this is that we will launch the beta probably only by March.  But in the meantime, we would very much like you to:

~ Send us ideas on what new products and services you would like us to consider

~ Let us know if you would like to get involved in any way (we are always looking for guest writers for our blog, people who know people who can help connect us to people who can help us launch)

~ Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for constant updates


Our Coming Soon page is now live, so head over to to sign up! If you are one of the first 100 to sign up, you will be invited to a beta run of our store before we go live! What is more, if you are one of the first 50 to sign up, you could receive a 500INR discount on your first purchase.


Hi everyone, it has been a while since we posted an update on The GamesINC Project:  we are working on finalizing our logo and are working with a group of enterprising advertising folks from SE Asia.  What’s more, we are also reviewing samples of Launching Soon pages which will go live very soon!  Watch this space for more and don’t forget to help us expand our network.


Our idea took shape when three wannabe-entrepreneur gamers got together to share their woes about how difficult it is to find the right games at the right prices in India.  We would crib about how desperately the Indian gaming community needs a GameStop — to buy new and pre-owned games, and to trade-in old games for new ones.  Eventually, we decided to stop waiting around and do something about it — of course, almost two decades of experience in marketing, branding, and consulting helped.

Our market analysis shows that the nascent gaming market is going to be huge in the coming years.  With a growing spending capacity of the middle-class and a higher focus on the ethical and economic grey area of piracy, the demand for genuine gaming consoles and games will only increase.  Companies realize this, most recently Sony reduced the prices of its popular PlayStation3 by 15% making it more affordable to entry-level gamers on a budget.

Right now, we are chugging ahead full steam in our efforts: we are working with designers across the world to help design our brand, we are working with a few web partners to help build our e-commerce site, and are in talks with distributors and couriers to send our games where they have never been before.

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